3D Head

“…more than enough to make gamers happy…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: 3D Head

  1. Internet Ready With Internet TV
  2. Patented GCS3 Gamecaster System
  3. The Biggest Headset Available
  4. Comes with Hand-Controller
  5. 360 Degrees Head Movement
  6. Works With Most Consoles
  7. Developed For Pro Gamers
  8. 40 Degrees Field Of View
  9. Built in Virtual Camera
  10. Works With Pc’s

3D Head

The Headsets is very heavy and massive in size, the controller is like holding a piece of slate and on top of all that it isn’t a true virtual reality headset! So what has the point of the 3D Head!? Stats wise it is not up to much, but it does at least have a 1080P but only 40 degrees field of field and no movement tracking only head movement.

But here in the VR shop we like to look at the best side of things and to be fair the controller you get with this headset looks amazing! It also has a built-in Virtual Camera that works with Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max and Unreal Engine. So sure, it might not have those killer stats but it does have more than enough to make gamers happy working with all the latest consoles and PC games. Lets just hope that future versions are a lot smaller, lighter and come with much, much higher stats.


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