Will the 3DoF Kill the Oculus Go?

If there is one thing that keeps cropping up the more people go hands-on with the Oculus Go its complaints about the headsets 3DOF (three degrees of freedom). But is it really a deal breaker? In this post, I look into the reasons why it might stop people buying it and also why it isn’t a problem at all.

3DOF of the Oculus Go
3DOF of the Oculus Go

With many other headsets having the full 6DoF (Rift, Vive, PSVR) it is not hard to see where peoples complaints about only having 3DoF are coming from. At the end of the day downgrading from a Vive or Rift will make some people regret their decision and with the Daydream Lenovo Mirage Solo having 6DoF people feel the Oculus Go should have been better and its doomed to fail before it has even started. Oculus could have given the Go the full 6DoF but decided its low-cost was going to be one of the headsets main driving factors and for many of us that will seem like the right decision.

You have to ask yourself, are those 3 extra degrees of freedom really worth $200?! (The Go is $200 and the Lenovo Mirage Solo $400). At the end of the day $400 is almost enough for a Gear VR and a Samsung S6 smartphone to go into it! While the people coming from the 3 main headsets (Rift, Vive, PSVR) will indeed miss it, those of us upgrading from a Google Cardboard or Gear VR won’t miss it at all. All we will see is the low price, the improved optics and a nice 3DoF controller to go with it!

While I do consider myself very lucky to own all the main VR headsets it is the Gear VR I find myself turning to the most. It’s easy to set-up, I don’t have to clear things away from my playing area and I can play it wherever I want! Try saying that about any of the 3 main headsets! To be honest, if I had any doubts the Oculus Go was ‘doomed to fail’ before it had even launched I wouldn’t have bothered making this website. The Go isn’t really for people who already own a VR headset, it’s about making VR suddenly VERY affordable. Try getting a pair of video glasses capable of displaying a 200″ display from just 4ft away for just $200! Even if you could, it wouldn’t have any degrees of motion let alone three of them.

Sure, only time will tell if the Oculus Go is a success or not, but right up till the last game is made and the last person stops using the Oculus Go, I will keep this site going for all Oculus Go fans. But personally, I think both this site and the Oculus Go has a very long road ahead.

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