Age Rating Explained

If you are wondering what our age rating means you need to look no further. We rate all our games in ‘U,PG,15+,18+’. While age rating is always open for personal interpretation we always revert back to our own thoughts on the rating of each game, app and experiance we review. Here is a breakdown of what each age rating means for a parent who intends to purchase it for someone younger or a parent of a teenager worried about what they are playing…

‘U’ Age Rating


When we rate a game ‘U’ it really is universally good for everyone. But most games with this rating are aimed at children and are often, cute, cartoony and very simple to play. There is no gore, no swearing and not even the slightest element of danger or peril involved. Anything with this rating is fun, fun, fun and maybe some pre-school educational content thrown in for good measure.

‘PG’ Age Rating


Any game with this rating will be safe for most people, except the very young as they might find it a little scary, or too hard to play. There is no gore here, no guns, no jumpscares, nothing that anyone younger than 12 should be playing. While some parental guidance is still suggested most of the games, apps and experiences with this ranking are safe to play.

’15+’ Age Rating


While most people will rank their games and apps from 12+ to 15+ we don’t. Instead, we jump straight to 15+ as even the slightest amount of gore, or the smallest of jump scares can be magnified in VR and so we think anyone under the age of 15 shouldn’t be playing these types of games and that is why we do such a big jump in age rating. Anything with this rating will be quite scary, feature guns, bad language, drug references and slight jump scares. But most people of the age rating suggested should be able to handle them, then those who are more sensitive to things.

’18+’ Age Rating


We will admit here that we using this rating a lot more than we should. The reason for that is because horror games in VR can feel so real that most people will not be able to play them and will often suffer real-world nightmares because of them. So we will often rate a game with this age because we wouldn’t want someone with a nervous disposition seeing it, even if it isn’t all that ‘adult’ based. Anything with this age rating will feature horror, gore, bad language and the scariest of jump-scares. These are not games to play if you are even the slightest bit nerved about horror or gore and should be played by adults only.

As we have already said, these age ratings are open to personal interpretation. While we have been ‘Disney’ levels of safe here we also suggest you view a trailer, our own gameplay videos or at least play a demo of a game before making a full purchase. Most VR headsets are not suitable for players under the age of 12 so do bear that in mind if you let the little ones play or watch anything.