Anshar 2: Hyperdrive (Oculus Quest)

Anshar 2: Hyperdrive (Oculus Quest)

VR Shop – Silver Award

Price at Time Of Review: £14.99
Comfort Rating: Yellow (Mild Movement)
Genre: Space Shooter
Supported Controllers: Oculus Touch
Best Playing Position: Standing, Sitting, Roomscale
Multi-Player: Yes
Age Rating: PG

Description: DOGFIGHT! Take the role of a newly enlisted pilot in the deadliest squad in the Ansharian arsenal. Bring the fight to the Nergal in dazzling ship-to-ship battles in deep space and lush planetary surfaces. Freely traverse large planet surfaces, dodge space debris and asteroid fields by steering your ship using your hands, in third or first person view.

Review: This fact will scare some of your VR enthusiasts out there. The original Anshar came out almost 8 years ago! And I am pleased to report that ‘Anshar 2: Hyperdrive’ doesn’t deviate too much from the original style game. But of course, things have moved on, so now there is dogfighting, multiplayer action and co-op as well as all the normal single-player missions and challenges. With 13 missions in total, you will sadly fly through them in no time at all (pun not intended). but it is the other game modes and score challenges that will keep you going for much longer.

OK, so this game style is a little dated now and fans of the Gear VR will feel right at home here. But it’s still a fast-paced, exciting game that feels much like a VR 3D version of Starfox than we are ever going to get. I loved this new game as much as I loved the originals, but I get that some people will find it too dated for its own good.

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