AWT Reality Rocket (1991)

“…the world’s first multi-player VR arcade game.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: AWT Reality Rocket

  1. Big Name Games Like Wolfenstein VR
  2. Headphones Mounted Inside Headset
  3. Two Flat-screen Colour Monitors
  4. Amplified Stereo (two Channel)
  5. Cutting-edge Technology
  6. Unique Conversion Class
  7. 2 Simultaneous Players
  8. Built-in Microphone
  9. World Wide Release
  10. Colour CRT

AWT Reality Rocket

Made by AWT (alternate worlds technology) was the reality rocket. With big name game licences like Wolfenstein 3D, AWT wanted to bring the biggest first person shooter games to either it’s sit down “reality rocket” or stand up arcade machine. Tethering a connection between these 2 arcade machines and you could play Cybertag VR which was the world’s first multi-player vr arcade game.

AWT had it good in the arcades in the early 90’s. AWT soon learned how to ruggedize HMD’s for public access use along with what works and what doesn’t with VR and the general public. At one time, the only virtual reality arcade machine in the bigger arcades were AWT’s. Despite the terrible graphics and poor head movements, people still loved it.It was something that not a lot of other virtual reality games had and that was fun.


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