Can You Get VR Covers for the Oculus Go?

While the short answer here is no, it’s not the final word on the matter because it seems you might well need them because of the type of material the face padding is made of. In this post, we look at some future options and why it might be important to get one…  

Oculus Go Doesn't Absorb Sweat
Oculus Go Doesn’t Absorb Sweat

Even Norman Chan from tested has said this about the padding of the Oculus Go: “It’s not removable and it is not sweat absorbent” This means the sweat will sit on top and while its OK if it’s yours, it will still be quite yucky as you can see in this image of an Oculus Go taken at CDC 18. (Do bear in mind this headset pictured was probably worn by several hundred people).

But when this will be a real problem is when you are passing it between friends and your weird sweaty Uncle, then it will be a real problem. The good news is Ryan from VR Covers is quoted as saying this: “Yes, we hope to be supporting the Oculus Go. No news yet on an estimated release date for the accessories, we’ll announce through our newsletter/ social media as soon as there is news.” so the good news is they are working on it. In the meanwhile, at launch, you might want to keep a towel handy to wipe it down.


Are you looking forward to the launch of the Oculus Go? Do let me know in the comments below!

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