Cloudlands 2 (Oculus Quest)

Cloudlands 2 (Oculus Quest)

System: Oculus Quest
Price at Time Of Review: £14.99
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Sports
Size: 397.7 MB
Best Playing Position: Standing
Multi-Player: Yes, Up to 4 Players
Age Rating: 15+
VR Shop Score 1/100: 90

Description: Cloudlands 2 builds off of the fun of playing and building mini-golf courses and adds the ability to play full-sized golf courses. Arm yourself with a putter, wedge, and driver and hit the links in the clouds.

There are 54-holes in the single-player campaign which takes you through the Green Glades, Magic Meadows, and Reaper Ruins. Play 18 hole mixes of full-sized golf and minigolf. Then on top of all that there is a level editor with over 1000 pieces to build and make epic mini-golf or full golf holes. Create and upload your creations to allow other people to play.

Review: I wish there was a lot more golf games in VR, but for now, Cloudlands 2 fills the gap quite nicely. With literally thousands of courses to play on and the ability to make your own the amount of content in this game is not in question. The multiplayer option is also lots of fun, especially when you get four of you playing at once. What I don’t like is the odd placement method after each shot and it seems like the developers wanted to do something different and for me it kind of fails. It doesn’t look much better than the original Cloudlands on the Gear VR which might also put people off. But for me, it is easy to recommend give this game a go because I love mini-golf anyway. But even those who have never played mini-golf should consider giving this a go.

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