Comfort Rating Explained

You would have noticed that we use a 3 colour system when it comes to rating how comfortable a VR game is. This page has all those ratings and explains what each one means so you can be better informed about how it will feel to play this VR game before making a purchase. But please do take note that motions sickness and indeed VR Nausea is always subject to the individual. We have been using VR for years and don’t find any of them nauseating in any way, but people new to VR will. So do bear this in mind.

‘Green’ Comfort Rating


When a game gets a ‘green’ rating it means it is suitable for everyone young and old, new to VR or seasoned to VR. If you are new to virtual reality you really should be starting to games, apps and experiences that are rated ‘green’. The movement system is often teleportation, but mostly it is games that require you to move very little. Everyone should be on this comfort rating for at least 1 year before moving onto more nauseating things.

‘Yellow’ Comfort Rating


No matter how slight some movement is in VR it can still cause people to suffer from VR sickness which is essentially motion sickness. Any game with this rating has slight movement in it. Not enough to make most people feel ill, but some will, especially those new to virtual reality games. Even if you suffer from the slightest amount of motion sickness you really shouldn’t be playing games and apps with this rating. There is often demos of these types of games so try them out if you can before buying the full game.

‘Red’ Comfort Rating


Any game, app or experiance with this rating should be brought with caution. Most people will indeed feel ill playing these and some people will often not last more than a few moments of gameplay. If you are new to VR these should be avoided at all costs until you have what we call in the genre as “VR legs”. This means you can develop an immunity to VR motion, but it does take a while. Some people will never be able to play these types of games and some people can play them straight away, but we here at the VR Shop recommend you avoid them for at least one year of VR experiences.

Just a quick note again to remind people that VR sickness and comfort is always unique to the individual. Personally, it took me well over a year before I could play anything with a ‘Red’ rating and now they are like water off a ducks back to me. The best advice I can offer is to not jump into anything other than a ‘Green’ rated experience. That way you can let your mind and body get used to VR before you try something more extreme. Any the answer is ‘Yes!’, I do still find some games too nauseating to play.