CyberEye 100 (1989)

“…designed for users such as stock-market traders…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: CyberEye 100

  1. Equivalent to a 7ft Wide TV
  2. Dual Active Matrix Display
  3. Real World Applications
  4. Comes With Travel Case
  5. Medical Applications
  6. 3 Degrees of Freedom
  7. 420 X 230 Resolution
  8. 100:1 Contrast Ratio
  9. Dual In-Ear Stereo
  10. 27.5 FOV

CyberEye 100

Cybereye 100 is an HMD from General Reality that was designed for users such as stock-market traders who must access their keyboards or phones while working in a virtual environment. The glasses have a heads-up mode that lets you tilt or lift the glasses up slightly to see the monitor and the real world at the same time. At the time, it was a unique patent-pending HMD designed for comfortable extended wear in professional applications ranging from minimally-invasive surgery to virtual Reality content development.

For it’s time this HMD was all singing and all dancing and a real showcase of General Reality’s skills in the VR industry. It was able to provide deep immersion which given it’s applications was needed. The overall effect was the equivalent to seeing a 7-foot-wide tv screen from just 2 feet away which even by today’s stands sounds amazing. Sadly, the price was this headsets biggest drawback but it could hold its own stats wise even in today’s VR war!


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