Daeyang Cy-Visor (1996)

“For it’s time it was very advanced indeed.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Daeyang Cy-Visor

  1. Full Colour with SVGA (800×600) Resolution
  2. RCA, S-Video and D-sub 15 pin connections
  3. ASIC That Supports NTSC/SECAM and PAL
  4. Both Y/C And Composite Inputs
  5. Built-In Stereo Headphones
  6. 1.44 million pixels
  7. Advanced ASIC
  8. Compact Size
  9. Comfortable
  10. Lightweight

Daeyang Cy-Visor

The Daeyang Cy-Visor MPD (Mobile Personal Display) (video glasses to me and you) was a great looking device for its time. Almost space age in design! It was supposed to be the product that people used instead of a PC monitor. A sort of virtual reality vision for the world ahead.

Made by Colorado MicroDisplay & Taeyang together it was a good showcase of both companies skills in the HMD game. It worked well for playing video games, but the price was a real sticking point. But in this case, you pay for what you get and you are paying for a fairly high-end set of video glasses. The device took great advantage of the new (at the time) LCOS LCD displays. They had a cool liquid crystal layer that was mounted directly onto the silicon chip. For it’s time it was very advanced indeed.


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