Dronihilation (Oculus Rift)

“Dronihilation is your classic VR shooter.”

Review System: Oculus Rift CV1
Price at Time Of Review: £3 ($3.50)
Comfort Rating: Green
Genre: Shooter
Size: 717.86 MB
Controller System: Touch Controllers
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi Player: No

Dronihilation (Oculus Rift)

Intro: Fighting drones have taken over the entire galaxy. Dronihilators are the last resistance of man kind.
Prepare for battle and take the challenge of sharpening your target shooting skill to become the ultimate Dronihilator!


Verdict: Dronihilation is your classic VR shooter. You are given two laser guns (with no reloads or autofire) and told to shoot as many “drones” as you can. Obviously, things are not that simple and they dart around all over the place and some are basically flying bombs and will end the game if shot. While not exactly the deepest of games for a couple of quid you get a fun to play, easy to control shooter that does at least have a high score chart so you can challenge yourself against the world leaderboards or even set up a score challenge with friends via passing the headset to each of them. Sure, it could do with some scenery variety and maybe some variety in weapons, but it should keep you amused as it is for at least a little while meaning you might just about get your money worth from it.


Download Dronihilation Now
Download Dronihilation Now

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