You Can Now Enjoy Virtual Reality…Without a Headset!

You Can Now Enjoy Virtual Reality...Without a Headset!

VR News: Metaverse-style immersion would seem to require dedicated VR or AR hardware to fully draw audiences in, but one company is offering an eyewear-free alternative. The Brelyon Ultra Reality monitor projects panoramic and cinema-scale virtual images with added depth. As you lean in to peer inside, you’ll see an image that appears to float 5 feet in the distance with a 101-degree field of view. Justin Eastzer for CNet finds out more –

Our Thoughts: To be honest this really isn’t something new, nor something we VR enthusiasts should be getting excited over. It reminds me a lot of the 3D PluraView VR Desktop Monitor and in terms of technology really isn’t anything about what that home monitor offers at a fraction of the cost. There are some case points that the ‘Brelyon Ultra Reality Display‘ will benefit from like in an arcade machine, or display booth, but not at home and it is definitely not going to replace the simple act of putting a VR headset on.

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