Evena Medical

“…used for literally seeing through the skin…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Evena Medical

  1. Power supply and belt mounted computer
  2. Lanyard for hanging while not in use
  3. Safer for patient, safer for nurses
  4. Real-time vascular imaging
  5. Breakthrough Technology
  6. Anatomically accurate
  7. Comfortable nose rest
  8. Real-time system
  9. Simple to use
  10. Hand free

Evena Medical

Evena Medical is a headset that enables wearable computing in the medical field. It is used for literally seeing through the skin, a sort of “Real-time vascular imaging system.” The medical and practical uses for the system are almost endless and the clever use of AR in the medical industry is the stroke of a genius.

Imagine having to have a needle inserted into your body for various reasons, we all know it is down to the training of the nurse how easily and quickly she can do this. Well, with this augmented reality headset that is no longer the case as it shows the veins within the body clearly, precisely and also shows the speed of the flow! For those people who are constantly having needles put into their veins this could quite simply revolutionise their lives, as well as the medical professionals who look after them.


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