EyeNetra Netra-G

“…a headset that is basically a portable eye test!”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: EyeNetra Netra-G

  1. Works With Most Smartphones
  2. Not Medical Training Needed
  3. Could Effectively Save Sight
  4. Chunky Easy Press Buttons
  5. Simply Clips Into Front
  6. Take A Could Of Minuets
  7. Can Be Done At Home
  8. Soft Face Padding
  9. Easy Grip Design
  10. Simple Tasks

EyeNetra Netra-G

EyeNetra Netra-G is a VR headset with a massive difference. This is not designed for games, or for manipulating augmented reality it is a headset that is basically a portable eye test! So why should we care about an eye test machine? To put it simply it is a necessary part of the evolution of virtual reality. Believe it or not 6 in 10 people wear glasses or contact lenses! For most of these people the idea of virtual reality is a distant one because they will have to use a headset that still lets them wear their glasses.

The makes of EyeNetra have said various virtual reality companies have approached it on using its technology for “Automatic vision-corrected Screens”. Custom screens could bring more personalized experiences to the user and could bring VR to the mass market. No more fiddling about with adjustment dials, or focal points. Just simply wear and play devices. Sounds good to me and I don’t even wear glasses!


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