Fakespace Boom 3C (1992)

“…industrial experts that would have said it was the best thing in the world!”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Fakespace Boom 3C

  1. Flat Medium Field Focal Lengths
  2. Field Sequential Color Shutters
  3. Interactive Stereo Viewing
  4. 1280×1024 Stereo Displays
  5. Very High Resolution
  6. Dual CRT Displays
  7. 110 Degrees FOV
  8. Stereo Optics
  9. Full Colour
  10. Hands Free

Fakespace Boom 3C

The Fakespace Boom 3C is not so much a virtual reality headset more a venerable Boom display. Made in several styles these displays were designed to work with SGI Crimson, Onyx Reality, and Onyx 2 Infinite Reality graphics. It had a very high-resolution display thanks to it’s dual CRT displays and field sequential colour shutters. The boom design was so the user can have their hands free. but they were generally used sitting rather than standing.

With its 1280×1024 stereo displays, you might have thought it could have done rather well on the previous virtual reality trend. Sadly both the price and weight of the HMD would be enough to scare off any member of the public. Having said that, there were various designers and industrial experts that would have said it was the best thing in the world! But that is not saying much given the year it was released.


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