Forte VFX3D (2005)

“…a system that could just about hold it’s own in the world of VR.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Forte VFX3D

  1. No Calibration of Optical System Required
  2. Works With Win98/Win2000
  3. Integrated Stereoscopic LCD
  4. Works On Any VGA-Source
  5. Built-In Volume Control
  6. Built-In Power Switch
  7. Serial-to-USB Adaptor
  8. Eyeglasses Friendly
  9. Stereo-Headphones
  10. Easy Installation

Forte VFX3D

While it is much better designed than it’s older brother the Forte VFX1 the Forte VFX3D didn’t have that much-improved tech. It was much more of a facelift than a whole new model. Having said that the resolution is a bit higher and the head tracking is a little better. But not a massive technological leap in any respect.

As with it’s older brother the heavy build and the low FOV really let it down. But being able to accept almost any VGA-signal up to 1600×1200 it was also a system that could just about hold it’s own in the world of VR. IT could be worn by people wearing glasses as well that was a real bonus. It’s not a flawless system by any respect, but it is one that deserves it’s place in this hall of virtual reality fame.


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