Hasbro Toaster (1992)

“…the first new generation VR helmet and console.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Hasbro Toaster

  1. Unknown
  2. Hasbro Toaster

    Don’t think for a moment you are getting any real toast from this toaster! This is Hasbro’s Toaster video games console that was going to be released with VR headset! Very little is known about this all-in-one VR console other than a very cryptic patent created by a guy called Steve E. Tice of QuantumWorks Corporation. He patented the console design then assigned it to Hasbro.

    QuantumWorks Corporation was under contract to Hasbro Toys when this odd looking VR headset was co-designed and co-led the development of the first new generation VR helmet and console. It was a 3D console that had several potential product names. The TOASTER, X-Scape and RUSH were all going to be potential names for it. But the Toaster part seems to have stuck around. The pictures you see are in fact not a real console at all, but a foam mockup of it! Sadly it never got picked up which at the time was probably best.

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