InCell (Oculus Rift)

“…face paced educational race game.”

Please note: While this game / app will look and feel just like it looks and seems on the same system we reviewed it on. If you choose to play it on another system (if available) which might make it a significantly different experience in both looks and gameplay.

Age Rating: 12+
Review System: Oculus Rift DK2
Price at Time Of Review: Free
Comfort Rating: Amber
Genre: Educational
Size: 1.09 GB
Controller System: Gamepad
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi Player: No


InCell (1)
InCell (2)
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Intro: Thanks to all robot-gods out there we will not take this journey alone – our humble (with a tiny control-everyone mania) assistant is waiting for us (she is so sweet, isn’t she?). The Most Excellent Assistant Zero-Seven (she said that humans may refer to her simply as ‘Your Highness’). So the player’s task is to impress TMEAR07 with experiment on volunteer to unlock new healing technology for humanity. The problem is she doesn’t believe in that possibility because humans are simple and illogical (and she is genius… as always).

To cure our volunteer Mrs. Jane Smith and impress TMEAR07 players must select the right way through the objects (organelles) to the cell’s nucleus and do their best in innovative radial racings between selected objects. Each object provides unique abilities to improve racing params or to protect cell with different strategies.

Review: Once again we go inside the human body in a microscopic form with Nival who also made InMind VR. But this is InCell VR and we are going down the flow of the body rather than into the mind. Once again there is an underline educational element to this app. While it is liable to improve your driving skills rather than your medical degree it is still got that learning aspect to it.

With bright almost neon style graphics you have to navigate pipes of the human body by spinning around them is a racing style. This is very much like Radial-G : Racing Revolved only with an education element attached. If I had to sum up the game type it would be a face paced educational race game.

Verdict: Once again the Nival team have flexed their design skills and made an app that looks, feels and plays amazingly well. It’s like a virtual reality work of art. It will instantly remind older gamers of Extreme-G racing, you race on the outside of the tube, while picking things up and avoiding things to cure the patient. While the graphical style does look like InMind VR this is a very different game for the better. If only you could look about, while using a gamepad (you still move left / right when you lean in that direction) it would have been perfect. But still definitely worth downloading, yet another win for the Nival team.


Download InCell Now
Download InCell Now

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