Lakento MVR

Lakento MVR

“It’s an affordable gift idea and perfect for someone to play around with VR…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Lakento MVR

  1. Fits iPhone 5, 6, 6 plus and most android phones
  2. Translucent front cover for Augmented Reality
  3. Auto centered mobile attachment
  4. Runs all Google Cardboard apps
  5. Offers a great VR experience
  6. 100 degrees field-of-view
  7. Interchangeable foam pad
  8. Adjustable head strap
  9. A good gift package
  10. Free games in box

Lakento MVR

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Imagine if Nintendo made a VR headset and you have something very similar to the Lakento MVR (Mobile Virtual Reality.) This Spanish-made phone mounted VR headset works with most smartphones over a 4 inch display.

The benefits of this one over all the others is it is cheap affordable and comes bowed with codes to get a load of free games. This gaming unit and limited edition games are normally assigned to console makers only, but it looks like Lakento has other ideas. It’s an affordable gift idea and perfect for someone to play around with VR without getting too serious. With some buttons on the headset to control it and some free games its a good VR gift package in a box!

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4 Thoughts to “Lakento MVR”

  1. […] VR and will some people be killed in VR die in real life? Ok, probably not. Made for use with the Lakento MVR, it was one of the games that come free with the headset. But the good news is anyone can play it, […]

  2. pXlor

    Hi, I have this headset, but I can’t find any cardboard profile anywhere for it, anyone would have it please ?

    1. VR Staff

      I just got hold of the company. They have not made one yet, but will post one on the website in the next few weeks. About time they did.

      1. pXlor

        Many thanks for contacting them, I’ll keep watching their website and this comment section 🙂 ! And yes about time, this set has been out for a while.

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