Will the Oculus Go Work With the Leap Motion Sensor?

Out of the box, the Oculus Go won’t work with much at all, especially the Leap Motion 3D Motion Controller. But I once thought that about the Gear VR and while not exactly the same thing as an Oculus Go there are still slivers of hope that one day a developer will get the Leap motion to work with the Go… 


Leap Motion 3D Motion Controller
Leap Motion 3D Motion Controller


Having used the Leap Motion sensor on an Oculus DK2 I can tell you it’s pretty amazing to see your own hands with no trackable controllers in VR. While it certainly wasn’t the easiest of motion controllers to use to I did eventually get used to it and was making cubes all other the place (pretty much the only Leap Motion demo worth playing at the time). Just imagine being able to play Vive style games on your Oculus Go! Maybe job simulator or even Fall Out VR!

While it is just a pipe dream for now, I think people will be surprised at just what the Oculus Go will do in the hands of the right developers. Let’s face it, it’s only a matter of time before someone figures out how to get positional tracking on it! There will be someone playing around with the idea of using these motion gesture devices on the Oculus Go, it’s just a matter of them figuring out how to do it and us, less skilled Go owners copying it.

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