Meta Mersion (1995)

“…what virtual reality gaming should always have been like.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Meta Mersion

  1. Head, Gun, Body And Movement Tracking
  2. Perfect Gaming Environment Simulation
  3. Cutting Edge 3D Video And Audio
  4. Can Be Mobile (Via a Backpack)
  5. Intuitive Weapon Controls
  6. Cutting-Edge Technology
  7. Got To Public Testing
  8. Force Feedback In Gun
  9. Runs Any PC Game
  10. Affordable

Meta Mersion

Looking back at the MetaMersion immersive gaming system (to give it its full name) it makes you wonder how on earth they failed! It has everything we gamers needed to make a truly amazing virtual reality gaming experience, but yet the company never got the funding t put this headset into production! Bitterness aside we have to take a look at the headset for what it was. Could this headset really live up to this marketing claim: “You step inside the game and move through the virtual landscape — just as you would do in the real world. You can: physically walk around; crouch and take cover behind virtual objects; shoot around corners; look up, down, and even behind you”

Finding stats out for this headset are like trying to find the Loch Ness Monster. They might exist somewhere, but you might never find them. Powered by a very heavy looking backpack you got to play first person shooter games with a full gun controller. It was often said, “You’re seeing what virtual reality gaming should always have been like.” and it seems we have all had to wait a lot longer for it, time that was not necessary. Still, there is no point dwelling on the past, the new wave of virtual reality is here and should stay around a lot longer this time.


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