“…one giant leap for tech-kind!”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: NASA VIEW HMD

  1. 100-Degree Diagonal Field Of View
  2. Immersive Stereoscopic Experience
  3. Stereo Headphones Built-in
  4. Groundbreaking Technology
  5. 240×120 Pixel Resolution
  6. 6.9 cm LCD Screens
  7. Wide Angle Optics
  8. Closed System HMD
  9. Magnetic Tracker
  10. Weight 1.67 Kg


It’s March 1988 and NASA are trying to find new ways to justify their budget and so come up with experiments on astronauts using HMD’s. Things like would they work in space, would it make them ill, things like that. What you might find a little odd is that this system dubbed “Virtual Interface Environment Workstation Project (VIEWlab)” was made in 1988! This retro looking system really shows what a leap forward headsets like Oculus Rift really are, one giant leap for tech-kind!

While the headset itself might not be amazing with regards to todays technology it does make you wonder if we owe a little bit of thanks to the work the people of NASA did back then. All this data and research that was made public had to have influenced someone. Maybe that someone works at Oculus!


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