“…an aim to make it more public!”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: NASA VIVED

  1. 100-Degree Diagonal Field Of View
  2. Immersive Stereoscopic Experience
  3. Stereo Headphones Built-in
  4. Groundbreaking Technology
  5. 240×120 Pixel Resolution
  6. 6.9 cm LCD Screens
  7. Wide Angle Optics
  8. Closed System HMD
  9. Magnetic Tracker
  10. Weight 1.67 Kg


The NASA VIVED stands for “Virtual Visual Environment Display” (Seems they just made the ‘I’ part up to make it sound better) and it was a prototype visual environment system that was made by NASA at their Ames Research Center. What is odd about this headset was that it features much the same tech as the NASA VIEW HMD but with an aim to make it more public!

Once again we probably have a lot to thank NASA for when it comes to today’s virtual reality headsets. I’m sure that the boffins in NASA come up with so many amazing things they wanted to do with this tech that it would have given film makes years of material. But sadly for both of them at the time the tech simply wasn’t ready.


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