nVidia VR Headset (Titan VR)

“They certainly have the hardware down to a fine art…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: nVidia VR Headset (Titan VR)

  1. Running Tegra X1 Mobile Chip
  2. Auto Asynchronous Wrap
  3. Android Gaming Device
  4. GTX 980 Ti Graphics
  5. OLED Mmicrodisplays
  6. Multi-Res Shading
  7. Low Latency
  8. Auto Stero
  9. VR DSR
  10. VR SLI

nVidia VR

nVidia VR (1)
nVidia VR (2)
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Nvidia is one of those companies that never really had the intention of releasing a VR headset until their fans started rumors that they would. You see, it makes sense for them to do so. They certainly have the hardware down to a fine art and they also have the gaming background to make one. But at this moment it is still nothing more than a few concept design and some suggested project names like Titan VR and nVidia VR.

It certainly wouldn’t surprise us if they did indeed make one just because they could! In the next few years, the world of VR is going to take off like a space rocket and just about everyone and anyone will be trying to ride the rockets trails to success. Will Nvidia be among them? We sure hope so.

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