Will the Oculus Go Be Able to Run Steam VR Games?

While the short answer to this is No, it’s not the full answer. Sure, out of the box there is simply no way to get Steam VR games to work on the Oculus Go, but its only a matter of time before some apps change that… 

How to Run Steam VR Games on the Oculus Go
How to Run Steam VR Games on the Oculus Go

With so many types of VR headsets on the market these days its easy to see why people get confused as to exactly what a VR headset can and can’t do. While the Oculus Go won’t be able to run steam VR games with its own build in software there are apps like Riftcat and VRidge on the Gear VR (and most probably coming to the Go)  that can mimic it. With this method, you can’t use your hands (so far anyway) which means you will have to stick to the lighter and less immersive games on the Steam VR store, but there are still plenty that you can play!

At the end of the day its only a matter of time before these apps or some other clever VR developer figures out how to use dual controllers or something else to mimic the Vives wands and maybe even the positional tracking! Who knows, all I do know is playing (Some) Steam VR games will be possible, but I’m sure given enough time someone will figure out how to play all of them.

What type of games are you hoping to play on the Oculus Go? Do let me know in the comments box below!

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