Off-Road Paradise: Trial 4×4 (Oculus Rift)

“…this game offers never ending fun and challenges.”

Review System: Oculus Rift CV1
Price at Time Of Review: £8 ($10)
Comfort Rating: Red
Genre: Simulator
Size: 750.49 MB
Controller System: Gamepad
Best Playing Position: Sitting
Multi Player: Yes (For Up To 2 Players)

Off-Road Paradise: Trial 4×4 (Oculus Rift)

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Off-Road Paradise Trial 4x4 (Oculus Rift) (2)
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Intro: The levels are short, varied and designed to find the limits of the vehicles from the first second of the game: extreme slopes, jumps, impossible angles, ravines and maximum adrenaline assured in every square meter.

Play in 1st person as if you were actually inside the car or with the amazing “God Mode” where you can walk around the scene to appreciate all the details from the best angle.

Find the real limits of the different cars in the most extreme situations. See how a tire deforms against the rocks. Analyse how the suspensions work each wheel. And why not? Enjoy watching how cars are shredded without any risk thanks to an incredible soft physical engine.

Review: Off-Road Paradise: Trial 4×4 is pretty much what you might expect. It’s a game where you are the driver of a 4×4 off-road vehicle and you have to get from point A to point B (and pick up a few totem poles along the way for bonus unlockables). The goal of the game is to reach the checkered flag, but the problem is the car will bounce and jump around as if it was driving on the moon, so you have to be very carefully, but yet still be as quick as you can. Slow and steady wins this race as well as keeping an eye on what each where is doing.

With a very impressive 150 ready-to-play levels and even a Touch Controller supported level maker and editor, you will not be running out of things to do anytime soon. Even when you have run out of ideas for new levels yourself, the Local multiplayer will keep this game life going. This game also supports a steering wheel so with an in-car view, you could make this game seem very realistic indeed. It also helps that it looks pretty good as well.

Verdict: This is one of those games you can take one of two ways. You could look at it as a failed off-road simulator with the worst physics engine you will ever have the misfortune of experiencing. Or you could look at this game as an arcade-style off-road racer with some crazy physics to make the game more exciting and much more of a challenge.

Depending on which way you see this game will totally depend on how much pleasure you get from it. I am in the latter group and I have a whale of a time just trying to do more and more levels. This game offers seemingly neverending fun and challenges. But some will see it has too difficult to control and more like driving on the surface of the moon than rather than on a bunch of rocks in the sea.


Download Off-Road Paradise: Trial 4x4 Now
Download Off-Road Paradise: Trial 4×4 Now

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