Olympus Eye-Trek FMD (1992)

“…so comfortable to wear you could watch long movies on it.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Olympus Eye-Trek FMD

  1. World’s Lightest Display At Only 85 g
  2. TFT Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) x 2
  3. Improved Fit For Comfortable Viewing
  4. 30 Degree Horizontal Viewing Angle
  5. 22.7 Degree Vertical Viewing Angle
  6. High-Performance Optical Filter
  7. Equivalent to a 52-Inch Screen
  8. Image Adjustment Controls
  9. 0.55 Inch LCD Panel
  10. Bass Boost Function

Olympus Eye-Trek FMD

There was quite a few variation (700, 100, 20p & 150w versions) on the original Olympus Eye-Trek FMD (Face-Mounted Display) but it is the FMD-200 that had the better stats and that is the one we are looking at today. While it was only the equivalent to a 52″ display it was one of the lightest sets of video glasses in the world. This also meant it was so comfortable to wear you could watch long movies on it.

Cutting it down to it’s bare elements it was no worse of better than the Sony PlayStation 2 PUD-J5A, and this was also touted as a VR headset for the PlayStation 2. It took Olympus up to the FMD-700 range before they finally realised they were flogging a dead horse. Having said that even today these video glasses can go for quite a bit on Ebay. The main reason is because video glasses are fun to play with own even if they are not all that good.


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