Philips Scuba Visor (1997)

“…not a bad set of video glasses at all! ”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Philips Scuba Visor

  1. Provides “Big Screen” Gaming Experience
  2. High Impact ABS Moulded Components
  3. Works With All 32/64 Game Consoles
  4. Inter Pupil Distance Adjustment
  5. 120 Inch Screen Field of View
  6. Doesn’t Need a TV Connection
  7. 180,000 Active TFT Pixels
  8. Supports NTSC Video Format
  9. Pupil Projection System
  10. Dynamic Stereo Sound

Philips Scuba Visor

The Philips Scuba Visor is just about the same tech as what’s in the Jaguar VR HMD, only slightly better. While the marketing team did call it a virtual reality device it is essential a pair of video glasses. Having said that it is not a bad set of video glasses at all! With a good FOV and resolution this was most probably one of the best video feed HMD’s on sale.

Most the problem with these older video glasses was the weight and feel of the headset for watching a film or playing video games for a long time, it simply hurt or made you feel ill! Sure it’s quite comforatble with it’s rubber face mask and soft covered head straps but that is short term. To play an Atari Jaguar on this type of headset was amazing.


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