“What would a VR system look like if it was good enough to be used by the King…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: 360Glasses

  1. Works With Smartphones Up To 5.7 inches
  2. Made From Strong Polypropylene Plastic
  3. Works With All Google Cardboard Apps
  4. Holes For Headstraps (Not Included)
  5. Comes In White, Black, Blue, Red
  6. Full Video Assembly Guide
  7. Top Button Screen Press
  8. 360 Degree Visibility
  9. Weighs Just 93 Grams
  10. Biconvex Lenses


What would a VR system look like if it was good enough to be used by King of the Netherlands? For this royal worthy headset, we turn to the Netherlands. While not the home of many mobile VR headsets, this is quite a good one. Simply called 360Glasses it is a smartphone mounted self-assemble VR headset. Simply buy it, make it and slide your phone into the top of it! All easy to use and assemble. And yes, it really was used by King Willem-Alexander at a corporate event. But what about features.

First up it comes in a range of 4 colours, top screen jab button, made from strong plastic, well designed and works OK with some good quality lenses. While there are no adjustable features of it, it does still work surprisingly well. This is essential a well-built version of Google Cardboard V2, but really, that is not such a bad thing at all.


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