“…headsets like the 4REAL 3D are totally mobile…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: 4REAL 3D

  1. Works with all Google Cardboard apps
  2. Optimised for a Bluetooth controller
  3. Optimised for mobile headsets
  4. Mini suction cup phone holder
  5. Over and sides head straps
  6. Optical quality lenses
  7. Foam face cushion
  8. Truly affordable
  9. Watch 3D videos
  10. Adjustable IPDs


While the 4REAL 3D offers nothing over every other budget phone mountable virtual reality headset it doesn’t have any bones about it. The idea is these headsets like the 4REAL 3D are totally mobile meaning you can slot your phone in just about anywhere and watch a 3D film or play a VR game.

Just attach a pair of headphones, a Bluetooth controller and load up any Google Carboard apps you can think of! The fact that this system got 154% funding on IndieGoGo shows people still have the appetite for this type of tech, no matter how many clones there are our there.



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