Agnus VR



“Overall it’s a great looking and feeling headset…”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Agnus VR

  1. Removable Facial For Augmented Reality Apps
  2. Adjustable Screen Distance
  3. Comes With Microfiber Wipe
  4. Soft, Rubber Face Cover
  5. Clips To Hold In Phone
  6. Metallic Case Shutter
  7. Adjustable Lens Focus
  8. 3 Point Head Strap
  9. Adjustable Straps
  10. Well Packaged

Agnus VR

Wearing the Agnus VR is rather comfortable thanks to the soft face padding, but like I said earlier it is a little on the heavy side. The lack of a magnet button is annoying, but most people will have a Bluetooth controller to make it work anyway. Overall it’s a great looking and feeling headset that might not blow anyone away with features, but it will never be considered poor value for money.

While essentially the same device as a VR Shinecon the Agnus Vr is more a more polished device. The Agnus name a logo is inspired by the Agna Chakra Symbol (one of the 7 chakras representing the Third Eye) which really captures the crispness of this device.

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