“…a stunning headset that really does need to be used to be believed.”

AKA: “Ant VR”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: ANTVR TAW

  1. Made From Medical Grade Silicone With No Accumulation Of Sweat
  2. Avoids The Phone Buttons On Both Sides To Prevent Misuse
  3. Suitable For Smartphones 4.5″ To 6.0″
    Up-down Slot Design,tooth-like
  4. Adjustable 2 Point Head Strap
  5. Supports Wearing Glasses
  6. Adjustable Shaft Design
  7. Folds Flat, Easy Carry
  8. Ultra Lightweight
  9. Adjustable IPD


One can’t help but feel a little disappointed that the original full headset ANTVR didn’t come with the much talked about gun controller. But can they redeem themselves by making a mobile VR headset that is supposedly better than every other flat folding mobile VR headset? It turns out they just might because it is a stunning headset that really does need to be used to be believed.

Unfolding from something that is just 1 inch thick is a headset that has very wise, square lenses that make any VR app look amazing and it does have quite a few adjustment features despite it being really basic in design. Out of all the mobile VR headsets that can fold flat, this is the very best of all of them. You can easily see they have essentially ripped the electronic guts out of a normal ANTVR to make this, but who cares, it looks good, feels great to wear and makes everything look amazing thanks to those lenses.


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