Archgon VRock



“…as thin and lightweight as possible.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Archgon VRock

  1. Space For Screen Touch Access
  2. Works With Most Smartphones
  3. Come With Microfiber Pouch
  4. Adjustable Pupil Distance
  5. 2 Point Headstrap
  6. Easy To Assemble
  7. Truly Portable
  8. Sturdy Design
  9. Affordable
  10. Folds Flat

Archgon VRock

We’ve seen a few foldable smartphone VR headsets so far from the Wearality SKY to the awesome Goblin VR. So what makes the Archgon VRock better than them? For one it is available now leaving many of those others playing catch up. As a flat folding, portable device the Archgon VRock is as thin and lightweight as possible. But it does seem more complicated to fold out than other models.

It seems to come in a good gift set kind of presentation. With a microfiber bag, headstrap and suckers to hold the phone in place. While simple in design it does get the job done and can be folded neatly into your pocket. For a mobile VR headset it’s not bad at all.

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