Archos VR Glasses



“…a more comfortable VR experience than Google Cardboard.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Archos VR Glasses

  1. Chunky Visor For Almost Pitch Dark Vision
  2. Side And Top Head Straps For Support
  3. Eyepieces Allow Stereoscopic Views
  4. Compatible With Hundreds Of Apps
  5. Works With Almost Any Smartphone
  6. Perfect For Watching 3d Videos
  7. Runs All Google Cardboard Apps
  8. Offers A Great Vr Experience
  9. Up To 6-inches Screen Size
  10. Truly Affordable

Archos VR Glasses

Don’t be fooled by the fancy name, ARCHOS VR Glasses are just a slightly more robust version of Google Cardboard. While it will let you experience the world of Virtual Reality with your Smartphone (Not Included) you will still suffer the same motion sickness as the more expensive Samsung Gear VR Headset.

What the ARCHOS VR Glasses do offer is a more comfortable VR experience than Google Cardboard. With a sturdy plastic headset and a foam covering that seals the eyes which lets very little light in which does mean you get a much better experience. It’s still a cheap trick to turn almost any phone into a VR headset, but it’s slightly better than sticking rough cardboard to your face.


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