AuraVisor (All-in-One VR Headset)

Box Weight: 1366 g
Box Height Size: 26 cm
Box Width Size: 14 cm
Box Length Size: 32 cm

Overall Packaging Presentation: Packaging wise this headset looks good enough for retail and has all the features and buzz words you might want to know before making a purchase. With information all over the strong and sturdy box, it is clear that marketing and presentation has been thought about and executed with perfection. Opening the box the headset and gamepad is nested within thick foam padding. This is one headset that will definitely survive the transit no matter where it is going.

Whats in the box…

  • Headset
  • Bluetooth Controller
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Main Head Strap


“…a headset that is capable of so much more than you might think.”

Please note: Box weight, size and contents might not represent your own product as sometimes different sellers use their own packaging and often include extra items like controllers, wipes, cloths or other promotional materials.

First Impressions: While the lack of a user manual is a worry, lifting the headset up and out of the foam for the first time made those worries go away. It has some great input features and while pretty heavy it looks extremely well made and feature packed. I will say that the head strap looks a little flimsy and doesn’t look like it will support the high weight of the headset on my head. But for now, I will give it the benefit of doubt.

Pupil Adjustment: Yes, Independent
Focus Adjustment: Yes, Independent
Product Weight: 621 g
Overall Build Quality (1-10): 8
Magnet / Touch Button: Yes
Interface Holes and Ports: 3.5mm Audio Jack, Micro USB Slot,TF Card Reader Slot,USB interface, HDMI interface
Central Processing Unit (CPU): RK3288 Quad Core A17 32bit 1.8GHz
Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): N/A
Memory: 16GB
Wife Connection: 802.11
Bluetooth Connection: 4.0
Operating System: Android 5.1 + Nibiru
Display: 5 inch FHD
Battery Life: 3HR
Field Of View (FOV): 90°
Other / Extra Features: N/A

Features Review: Getting down to features it’s main use is as a VR driven video player. But this is not just a set of video glasses, you can watch 360 videos and look around 360 images with it. With it’s own built-in private VR cinema app you can watch whatever you want in peace and quiet. Pop in the headphones and away you go. While everything is a little basic that also means it is easy to use. Within just a few minutes I worked out how to get around it. It is also pretty immersive and comfortable thanks to it being surprisingly lightweight which also makes it good for watching films which can often mean wearing it for a long time.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, it also works very well with both Youtube and Amazon video which is cool and good access to the Google Playstore to download games and Vridge for playing PC games/Steam VR games on. With access to the playstore as well as an HDMI input, this headset is capable or more than I would have thought.

Additional Information…

Average Price at Time of Review: £155 (USD $199)
Head Strap: 3 Point, Elasticated and Adjustable
Strap Quality(1-10): 5
Face Padding Type: Fake Leather
Padding Depth: 13 mm
Nose Grove Depth: 34 mm
Well Ventilated: No
Suitable For People With Glasses: 5.2″ Max
Headphone and Power Lead Access: Yes
Works With Augmented Reality Apps: No
Lens Size: 32 mm
Lens Type: Optical Resin Lenses
Min Lens Distance: 65 mm
Max Lens Distance: 75 mm
Comfort Score (1 – 10): 8
Value For Money Score (1 – 10): 8
Range Of Colours: N/A
Other Names: N/A

Final Verdict: The biggest problems with this headset is the same things that every other cheap “all-in-one” fails with. Things like its lack of software support and the troubles with not having a keyboard when you have to log into things both mean everything and anything you plan to do with this headset will cause you a headache meaning many people will simply give up.

But yet…I like it! Not just for a video player that it does well thanks to it’s built-in private theatre app, but also for playing Steam VR games and some Google Cardboard games. At the end of the day, once you have gone through the pain of logging in once, you can then install games from the PC using the Google Playstore “install where” feature meaning no more pains of searching or typing. I can see why people paying $400 for the Kickstarter price were very upset with such a basic and unsupported headset. But now it is only half that price I think its a good headset for that money. It does most things easier, has HMDI in support for console games/Bluray player and even has Wifi, Bluetooth and a free controller thrown in! It’s far, far from perfect, but a real bargain of a headset that is capable of so much more than you might think.


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