Avegant Glyph

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Avegant Glyph

  1. Offers Virtual 50 To 100 inch Movie Screens
  2. Lets You See Above And Below The Visor
  3. Designed Exclusively For Home Use
  4. Plug In Almost Any Display Device
  5. Better Quality Than Video Glasses
  6. Offers Privacy In Your Own Home
  7. Better Suited To Office Jobs
  8. Built-In Headphones
  9. A Pseudo-VR Effect
  10. 360 Head-tracking


“While not as immersive as the Rift it can offer something halfway.”

While the Avegant Glyph does fit into the virtual reality headset genre It has more in common with video glasses than an Oculus right. With mobile being the key word here, it is a bit of a transformer. It can be both headphones (a fairly decent high-end set) as well as a portable movie theatre.

I can’t see the Avegant Glyph threatening the Oculus or Morpheus, but I can see that it would be used by people that like their media on the go. From using it to listen to music, then flipping the headset down to become a private cinema screen. While not as immersive as the Rift it can offer something halfway.


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