Baofeng Mojing III



“…one very luxuriously looking and feeling headset.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Baofeng Mojing III

  1. Two Kinds Of Lens For Different Situations
  2. Like an Exclusive Private 3D Theater
  3. Adjustable PD for Different Myopia
  4. Screen Box Protects Your Phone
  5. Works With Most Smartphones
  6. Adjustable Eye Distance
  7. Watch 3D and 360 Video
  8. Adjustable Head Bands
  9. Strong, Modern Design
  10. Luxury Look and Feel

Baofeng Mojing III

If you think the Baofeng Mojing III looks familiar it’s because it is basically a much cheaper version of the Samsung Gear VR. While not as good as Samsung’s effort this is still one very luxuriously looking and feeling headset. In fact, it’s so good that if you blindfolded someone and made them wear the Gear VR then the Baofeng Mojing III they would probably not notice any difference between the two!

OK, so it doesn’t have as many features as the Gear VR, but it does have adjustable lenses and straps, plus very nice cloth face padding. It’s a little bit more expensive than most other mobile VR headsets, but it’s well worth the money. Let’s face it, The Samsung Gear VR is not all that special at all if you strip it down to what it can do. Stick a Samsung S6 smartphone in this headset and it will still look amazing!


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