Baofeng Mojing XD 3D (Mobile VR Headset)



“While not drastically different it is still a good upgrade.”

AKA: “Baofeng Mojing 5”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Baofeng Mojing XD 3D

  1. Medical Level Silicon Soft Sponge Face Padding
  2. Works With Augmented Reality Apps
  3. Runs Most Google Cardboard Apps
  4. For Smartphones 4.7″ ~ 6″
  5. Comfortable Head Straps
  6. Ergonomically Designed
  7. Choice of Colours
  8. Well Ventilated
  9. IPD Adjustment
  10. Lightweight

Baofeng Mojing XD 3D

The company Baofeng are back again, this time with what is essentially the 5th version of their Mojing headset. Called the Baofeng Mojing XD 3D it is a colourful edition to an otherwise black & white only family of mobile VR headsets.

From the images, it looks like much the same headset as the Baofeng Mojing 4 (which is not a bad thing) but everything seems to have been tided up and made to look smoother and crisper. The medical level silicon soft sponge face padding is a welcome feature as is the higher sides of the face padding. While not drastically different it is still a good upgrade. If you have a choice between this and the older Baofeng Mojing 4, this headset is the one you should choose.


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