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“Never before have we seen such an innovative way…”

Please note: This first look preview is based on marketing talk and press released pictures. The product that you receive once they are available might not represent exactly what you see here and we at the VR Shop are not in any way responsible for this.

Features We Know So Far…

  • QR Codes for Google Cardboard Alignment
  • QR Codes for Software
  • QR Codes for 360 Video Content
  • No Assembly Required
  • Perfect for Education
  • Works With Most Smartphones
  • 37mm x 45mm Acrylic, BiConvex Lenses

Be There VR

First Look Preview : I used to love pop-up books. They would surprise and amaze me at every page turn. But things have moved on and people are buying books less and less. So Be There VR has decided to release a new pop-up book! But this is not a book that can take you into amazing worlds and places with just the words on the page and your own imagination. This book can take you literally into these words via the pop-up Google Cardboard viewer inside the book! The choice of books at launch are Core Edition, Travel Edition, Sporting Edition, Learning Edition and what most people will probably go for the Gaming Edition. Never before have we seen such an innovative way to sell a Google Cardboard viewers and we can’t wait to get our hands on our pre-ordered one.



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