“…comes in a rather impressive VR experience gift box.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Beenoculus

  1. Side And Top Head Straps For Support
  2. Compatible With Hundreds Of Apps
  3. Perfect For Watching 3D Videos
  4. Offers A Great Vr Experience
  5. Chunky, Soft Padded Headset
  6. Works With Most Smartphones
  7. Runs Google Cardboard Apps
  8. Up To 6-inches Screen Size
  9. Stereoscopic Views
  10. Affordable


This phone mounted VR headset from Brazil offers nothing that its play on words name suggests “Bee Noculus” – get it? Name aside it is a well-made phone mounted virtual reality headset that fits most phones. With 2 headset covers, 1 for VR and one for AR it is worth noting the magnetic clip-on cradles that hold your phone, it’s really easy to put in and get out, and swap cradles from virtual reality to augmented reality (one has a hole in the case for the camera to see, the other one doesn’t.)

To be fair, it comes in a rather impressive VR experience gift box. With a headset, headphones and a Bluetooth controller! In fact, the only thing you need is the compatible smartphone which is obviously not included. With rubber eye protectors, adjustable straps and a high-quality build this is not a headset to be forgotten easily.


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Buy Now on Amazon


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