BOBOVR (Xiaozhai III) (Mobile VR Headset)



“…the Xiaozhai headsets have matured like a fine wine.”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: BOBOVR (Xiaozhai III)

  1. Comes With Bluetooth Wireless Mouse gamepad
  2. Works With All Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Protects Against Phone Radiation
  4. Works With Smartphones 5″-5.7″
  5. Independent Pupil Adjustment
  6. Soft PU Leather Face Padding
  7. Adjustable Head Strap
  8. Adjustable Distance
  9. Well Ventilated
  10. Anti-Fog Design

BOBOVR (Xiaozhai III)

The BOBOVR (Xiaozhai III) mobile VR headset is like an old friend. You can trust him to get the job done, but he only ever does what is needed of him. Seeing the evolution of this headset has been a bit of a joy. From the basic, black straight lines of the Xiaozhai I, to the Xiaozhai II that looks like like the Xiaozhai III only not as sleek and sophisticated. Yes, the Xiaozhai headsets truly have matured like a fine wine.

Moving into the headset itself there are some good features to be played around with. From the adjustable distance to individual pupil adjustment, it can all be tailored and set-up to suit your needs and eyesight. There is also a big jump up in overall quality of the headset, From the better quality leather face padding to the smoother, curved lines of the build itself. They all come together to make a good quality headset that anyone should be proud to use.


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  1. release24

    rating system for this website would be cool

    • The VR Shop

      We did think about that but decided against it. We want to look at the best things about each headset as a new VR viewer, or a new game and not compare it to any other one, that way encouraging all headset makers and game developers to keep making them.

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