BOSSNEL X1 Video Glasses

Top 10 Key Selling Points: BOSSNEL X1

  1. Supports Multiple Video Formats
  2. 16:9 Screen width ratio: 16:9
  3. 90% Illumination uniformity
  4. Virtual 80-100 Inch Screen
  5. 720p Resolution (854X480)
  6. 100-999 lumens Brightness
  7. Built-In Battery
  8. 1000:1 Contrast
  9. 3 LCD Screens
  10. Lightweight


“It all comes together to make a very unusual set of video glasses…”

The BOSSNEL X1 is essentially a set of video glasses that does offer some elements of virtual reality. At its heart, it is a personal movie theater that is capable of showing a 100″ TV screen from just 10 ft away. But it also has android built in and some head tracking options. While not a full VR headset it might be OK for people without a smartphone to play mobile VR games.

Taking a look at this headset for it’s stats it is very run of the mill. With a 720p resolution only, but it does have a very unusual 3 LCD display onto a mirror projection. Those lights on the front? Those are the light of 2 of the LCD screens inside. It all comes together to make a very unusual set of video glasses all wrapped up in a very odd headset. It’s just a shame this wasn’t full on virtual reality because it would have been amazing.


  1. Kerri Powles

    Would the Bossnel X1 video glasses be OK for me as I wear glasses for reading?

    can I drag and drop video files directly to the glasses via PC?

    Do these ship FROM the UK or CHINA?

    • VR Staff

      Sadly not, they are quite small and don’t have the best focus adjustment.
      Like most of these Video Glasses headsets you can drag and drop, or use a micro SD card.
      They all ship from China.

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