Butterfly Love VR (Mobile VR Headset)



“…as light as a butterfly…”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: Butterfly Love VR

  1. Ergonomic Weight Dispersal Head Straps
  2. Works With All Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Transparent Front Cover For AR Apps
  4. High-Quality Optical Resin Lenses
  5. Supports Smartphones 4.0 – 6.0
  6. Cool Logo On Front Panel
  7. Aspherical Lens Design
  8. Built From ABS Plastic
  9. 102° Field Of View
  10. Adjustable IPD

Butterfly Love VR

We wish we could tell you that this headset is a follow up from the Caterpillar Passon VR headset, but if we did we would be lying. We can’t even say it is as light as a butterfly (maybe a few hundred of them). In fact, the only thing it does have in relation with a real butterfly is the gold coloured logo on the front panel.

But what it is, is a very good quality mobile VR headset. With a look and style very much like the Fiit VR, it has adjustable lenses in both focus and distance as well as good quality face padding. We have one of these bugs fluttering their way over to use as we speak. Once we feel the virtual wind flapping from its wings we will let you know and do a full hands-on review.

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