Character 3D VR Box (Mobile VR Headset)



“…buy based on your personality, your favourite character!”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: Character 3D VR Box

  1. Support Phone Sizes 3.5 – 6.0inch
  2. Runs All Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Independent Focus Adjustment
  4. Comes In A Range Of Colours
  5. Independent Pupil Distance
  6. Large Size Convex Lenses
  7. Open Side Panel Ventilation
  8. Made From ABD Plastic
  9. Lightweight Design
  10. Independent Depth


Character 3D VR Box

While most mobile VR headsets invite you to choose them by having a range of good features that work with your smartphone, the Character 3D VR Box invites you to buy based on your personality, your favourite character! While essentially this is just another way of saying they have a wide range of colours it is a good tactic. So you have Black for a Panther, Yellow for Transformers Bumblebee, Blue For The Avatar character, Red for Spiderman, White for the Joker and Yellow for Sponge Bob! Which one are you?

While externally it looks like quite a basic headset it does have some nice features. With wide vision aspherical lenses, independently adjustable pupil distance and some nice foam padding and elasticated and adjustable 3-point head strap! OK, so it doesn’t have much special to offer past its colour range, but maybe you would enjoy it even more than normal just because it matches your favourite character. Who knows, all we know is it’s a good marketing trick and one that a lot of other firms and headsets are sure to copy in the future.


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