Converge VR



“Stats wise it can certainly hold its own…”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: Converge VR

  1. Built-In Mechanical Clicker (NFC Switch)
  2. India’s First Virtual Reality Headset
  3. Offers A Very Immersive Experience
  4. For Developers And Enthusiasts
  5. Runs All Google Cardboard Apps
  6. Independent Pupil Distance
  7. Focus Distance Adjustment
  8. Large 94° Field Of View
  9. Super Thick Face Padding
  10. Affordable Price

Converge VR

Converge VR is the first but we would hazard a guess that it will certainly not be the last VR headset to come out of India. This fast developing country is sure to embrace everything and anything virtual reality related. Sold at a very affordable price it aims to be one of the very best mobile VR headsets.

Stats wise it can certainly hold its own, with nice and large 94° FOV, NFC switch, IPD and Focus adjustment options. It has more options than man other headsets from other countries and also looks really well made. We currently have one on order and will let you know what we think the moment it gets here.

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