DAQRI Smart Helmet

Top 10 Key Selling Points: DAQRI Smart Helmet

  1. Intellitrack for New Standard in Augmented Reality
  2. Industrial Grade Inertial Measuring Unit
  3. Designed For Industrial Environments
  4. Object Recognition And Tagging
  5. Custom Made User Interface
  6. Built-In Precision Sensors
  7. 360° Multi-Camera Array
  8. Built-In Industrial Apps
  9. Real-Time Data Capture
  10. True 4D Display


“This is an augmented reality headset on a scale never before seen.”

DAQRI have been working in the field of augmented reality for years and started to realise they couldn’t make an industrial AR headset work with commercial tech. That is why they made the DAQRI Smart Helmet. Design and built from the ground up. What this helmet allows the industrial worker to do is to augment data or instructions over the environment he works in.

Don’t confuse this with anything like Google Glass. This is an augmented reality headset on a scale never before seen. While it is just for industrial uses, the work and data gathered with these impressive headsets will soon start to trickle down to more commercial headsets, once again proving that augmented reality is the future rather than virtual reality.


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