DOMO Nhance VR5



“…some good features that will make it a worthy purchase.”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: DOMO Nhance VR5

  1. Case Suckers To Hold Phone In Place
  2. Augmented Reality Viewing Holes
  3. Wide, Weight Dispersal Strap
  4. 3.5 To 6″ Compatible Phones
  5. Soft, Sponge Face Covering
  6. Heat-Dispersing Design
  7. Wide Aspherical Lenses
  8. Adjustable Lens Width
  9. Lightweight Design
  10. No Focusing Need

DOMO Nhance VR5

Domo has been making headsets for quite a while now and have some good variety in their design. The DOMO Nhance VR5 join the rest of the plastic Google Cardboard headsets and becomes an enclosed headset with the usual black plastic. While the box it comes in looks a little plain the headset inside has some good features that will make it a worthy purchase.

Coming in at the lower price point you get just about what you pay for and indeed might expect. Adjustable pupil distance, 3 point elasticated headset and even removable front panels fro augmented reality apps. The problem is other headsets are far better and do far more for the same price. But that doesn’t mean the DOMO Nhance VR5 is a bad headset, it just means that it is nothing out of the ordinary and DOMO are capable of so much more. But in terms of a good VR experience, the DOMO Nhance VR5 delivers and that is all you need it to do.


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