Dragon Hunting AR

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Dragon Hunting AR

  1. Cutting Edge Augmented Reality Technology
  2. Hunting Mode, AR Mode, Story Mode
  3. Fast Spinning Reel Handle
  4. Catch 9 different dragons
  5. Light Touch Buttons
  6. Lightning bolt Rod
  7. Full Reel Tracking
  8. Position Tracking
  9. Battery Operated
  10. Room Scanning


“…the augmented reality sport of dragon fishing!”

Do you find the daily walk from / to work or school a little boring? What you need to do is to take up the augmented reality sport of dragon fishing! Yes, with thus lightning bolt fishing reel you will be able to see the other-world dragons all around you. But are you able to reel that big catch of a fire dragon in, or any of the 8 other dragons? Well, think again because they will not go quietly.

OK, so whipped up sales pitch put aside this is a fun toy that is sure to do well in China. But even they might have a problem with people running around pretending to reel in dragons all day long. It’s a fantastic little gadget that does come with everything built in which is nice. But for the price, only having 9 dragons to catch will be a drawback. But for a laugh, this could be the perfect way to have some real world fun.


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