“…a dream mobile VR headset for a lot of people.”


Top 10 Key Selling Points: Dreamnext

  1. Supports Screen Sizes 4.7″ – 5.5″
  2. Runs Most Google Cardboard Apps
  3. Suckers To Hold Phone In Place
  4. 3 Point Adjustable Headstrap
  5. For Sponge For Face Padding
  6. High-Quality Optical Lenses
  7. Independent Pupil Distance
  8. Adjustable Focus Distance
  9. Open Sides For Cables
  10. Precision Mold Design


With its choice of graphical decals on the front, some good features and a very low price point, the Dreamnext will be a dream mobile VR headset for a lot of people. We are always surprised by the lack of mobile VR headsets coming out of India. They seem to make a few good ones and keep them very much in-house, but that’s a shame because this is one headset that really could hold it’s own in the world of Mobile VR.

It has a high-quality look and feel to it and while the adjustments buttons do seem a little small they do work easily. But you do get that impression that it was put together for as cheap a price point as possible. With its cheap foam padding and head strap, it’s like someone attached cheaper functions on a much more expensive looking headset! Well, the good news is as always we have one being sent to us and we will do a full hands-on review when it gets here.


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