Durovis Dive



“Is the Durovis Dive really the world’s first phone mounted virtual reality headset?”

Top 10 Key Selling Points: Durovis Dive

  1. The world’s first phone mounted VR headset
  2. Made from strong yet flexible PA6 nylon
  3. Compatible with all cardboard apps
  4. Wide adjustable head straps
  5. Low-latency head tracking
  6. 110° wide detection angle
  7. Highly realistic 3D
  8. Watch 3D movies
  9. Soft foam frame
  10. 100’s of apps

Durovis Dive

So let’s get the big question out of the way: Is the Durovis Dive really the world’s first phone mounted virtual reality headset? Well, after a bit of research it does seem to hold up. Produced and brought to market by Shoogee is was presented to the public in May 2011 this is almost a year before any other phone mounted VR headset we have come across! But it is certainly not the first.

Getting back to the headset it is well made, works with most smartphones and offer no less or more than any other VR headset. Locking the phone in securely, it can be worn for long gaming sessions without too much hassle making it also good for watching movies.

Final Verdict: My biggest disappointment with this headset is not getting it sooner. It’s was one of the very first mobile VR headsets out there on the market and still, it is amazing to use. Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t judge this headset by its box and self-assemble looks. Take some time to set this headset up to your exact needs and viewpoint and it will reward you with a lightweight, amazingly comfortable viewing experience and a nice and wide FOV to top it all off.

Sure, it’s not perfect. Dare I say it feels cheaply made and doesn’t even work with 6″ phones which are pretty basic stuff. But I do have to take the age of this headset into account. Based on this headset alone my own self-hype for its younger brother the Durovis Dive 7 has gone sky high. Once again I have to say that I wished we had reviewed this sooner as it would have been in my top 3 headsets. Sadly for Durovis times have changed and this headset is looking a little old hat. But yet, its still makes in into my top 10 favourite mobile VR headsets of all time.

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